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July 11, 2024

The regular meeting of the Harbor Water P.U.D. Board of Directors was called to
order by Chairman Dan Fraser at 6:35, July 11, 2024 in the administrative building, at
98069 W. Benham Lane Harbor, Oregon
Board Attendance was taken
President: Dan Fraser “present” Vice President: Tom Beene “present”
Board Member: Jim White “present” Board Member: Herman Bloemsma “present”
Board Member: Bill Frye “present.” Superintendent: Ken Burshem “present”
District Manager: Ami Arneson “present” Office Staff: Ariel Poston “present.”
Pledge of Allegiance was said.
No Modifications, Additions or changes to the agenda, or conflicts of interest
stated. Beene made a motion to accept the agenda, White seconded, Roll Call – All in
Minutes from the previous board meeting on June 13, 2024 were reviewed.
Beene made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by White, Roll call – All in favor.
June’s 2024 current bills, in the amount of $73,901.38 were presented,
discussed, and approved. Frye made a motion to accept and pay the bills, seconded by
White, Roll call - All in favor.
Terry Hodge of Jodel LLC, showed a document titled "Grant of Easement" to the
board. This would take the place of the existing easement for Crown Terrace from Jodel,
LLC land to the nearby Chetco Resources property. Fraser moved to accept the
amended easement location after the document had been examined and approved by
Harbor Water's attorney. Beene seconded it. Roll call: all in favor.
Fraser, White, and Frye were reminded by Arneson that they had to submit their
candidacies to the election board by August 27,2024.
Vaughn Meas addressed the board inquiring about getting water to their property.
Beene made a motion to approve Lot Code 41S-13W-10C-5800 as an out of district
customer, White seconded, Roll call – All in favor.

Superintendent Burshem Report, Stadelman Electric is still working at the
intake to add soft starts to the pumps. A new pump has been installed at pelican bay.
April from Roofers LLC came and inspected Ken’s office, the rental and the main
building housing Harbor Water and the Harbor Fire Dept. Bids were presented to the
board. Poston will make a post on our website looking for more bids.
Matt Robarts report was reported by District Manager Arneson. The grant for
OWRD has been sent in. On July 16th, 24th, he will be speaking with FEMA on the
regulatory approach. The time is almost here for the board to evaluate the ordinances.
The report by Arneson. She discussed a rate analysis with Rob at HBH Consulting
Engineers. It will take around two months to finish and cost roughly $15,000. Poston will
announce that bids are being accepted for the rate study on the website. The audit is
still being examined. Arneson inquired as to whether the board would think about
holding the meeting earlier in the day. The board all agreed that, as of August 2024,
board meetings would now take place at 4:00 PM.
Poston reported she is still waiting for more quotes from other companies for our
billing software.
Revenue Fund $462,230.69
Money Market $2,352,554.64
Security $98,746.41

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

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