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Harbor Water P.U.D Billing
Account Service Information


This page is to answer any frequently asked questions and outline the policies and procedures regarding setting up an account with us and our billing policies.

Our Offices are located at:

98609 W. Benham Lane, Harbor, OR 97415


Hours of Operation:

Monday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Tuesday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Wednesday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Thursday 9:00am – 2:00pm


Saturday CLOSED



Opening An Account

When setting up a new account for water service a deposit is required. Each customer will need to come into our office and complete the account set up and pay the service deposit fee. To establish an account in your name you will need to provide photo identification and proof of ownership of the property that the water will be serviced at.

An account may can be opened with the $100.00 (resident), $150.00 (commercial) deposit. When an account closes, the closing bill for the last service month is deducted from the deposit and the remaining balance is refunded to the account holder by check. If there is a balance owed after the closing is processed, it is due when the account is closed.



For any property that is being rented or the occupant(s) living in the residence is NOT the Property owner. We require all accounts to be listed in the Property Owners name with current contact info. Deposits must be paid by the Property Owner, not the renter. We will add any and all requested contact information for the renter for receiving bills for monthly payments if designated by the owner. Deposits on these accounts will only be required as a One-time fee, regardless of if the renters/occupants change.


Billing Procedures

Bill Due Date is the 23rd of every month. Paper bills are mailed no later than the 5th working day of each month. You may also request to have your bill sent electronically.

~ Water rates for residential start at $24.00 a month for 0-2,000 gallons of usage.

~ Commercial start at $26.00 a month for 0-2,000 gallons of usage.

~ Out of district residential start at $43.00 a month for 0-2,000 gallons of usage.

~ Out of district commercial start at $58.00 a month for 0-2,000 gallons of usage.

~ Multiple occupancy starts at $35.00 a month for 0-2,000 gallons of usage.

~ Industrial start at $35.50 a month for 0-2,000 gallons of usage.

(Each of these are starting rates and adjustments to price begin once usage exceeds 2,000 Gallons)


Payment Options

To ensure accuracy please return the right-side stub section of your bill with the payment.

  1. Drop off payment in our 24/7 Drop box (silver box with blue marked "Harbor Water payment drop") located in the parking lot next to Harbor Fire.

  2. Drop off payment at our front desk during business hours.

  3. Mail your payment to: Harbor Water P.U.D, 98069 W. Benham Lane, Brookings, OR 97415

  4. Set up Automatic payments online though our website using your checking or saving account, VISA, Mastercard or Discover.

  5. Call our office during business hours and pay over the phone.

  6. Set up Automatic payments with a voided check in our office during business hours.


Past Due and Delinquent Accounts

If payment has not been received by the 23rd, a $15.00 late fee will be applied to the account. If a check is returned a $35.00 fee will be added to the total of the existing bill. This fee will not be removed once a check is returned.

Automatic payments are pulled on or near the 3rd Wednesday of every month. If your payment is denied for any reason the account will incur a late fee. To avoid any issues please ensure payment is indeed being pulled from your account periodically. The date the payments are pulled gives ample time to make any corrections before late fees are applied. 


Shut Off Notices

Services will be disconnected and a $35.00 shut off fee will be charged to your account if the past due amount is not paid by 2:00pm on the day prior to the specified shut off date. In order to reinstate your service, the past due amount, along with all fee’s, must be paid.


Leak Notices

Oregon law requires that all water that is diverted by water right holders be used beneficially and without waste. This means that a water right holder is required by law to use only the amount necessary for the intended purpose and no more, up to the limits of the water right. It is our policy that after being Formally Notified of a leak you have 30 days to contact a plumber and 90 days to have the leak fixed or the water service will be interrupted in accordance with Harbor Water Ordinance.

We are happy to work with customers on the time frame, we just ask that you communicate efforts made and acknowledgment of the leak once you have been notified. Lack of communication or efforts to correct the problem will result in water shut off after the 90 days, to preserve our systems and maintain quality service to the other customers we serve until a resolution can be reached.


Disconnection of Service

Please contact our office the day you are no longer residing/utilizing water at the residence. The soonest available time after vacating/relinquishing ownership we ask that you contact our office and Not Before. Estimated dates will not be used to close accounts. Once an account has been closed it is important to pay the remaining balance due if between billing cycles, before the closing is processed. Please be aware, realtors do not close accounts for customers. If you are selling or buying a home, please call us to confirm service is up to date or accounts are closed properly.

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