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August 7, 2023


An Emergency meeting of the Harbor Water P.U.D. Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman Dan Fraser at 5:02, Aug 7th, 2023 in the administrative building, at 98069 W. Benham Lane Harbor, Oregon.

Board Attendance was taken.

Chairman: Dan Fraser “present” Vice Chairman: Tom Beene “present” 

Chairman: Jim White “present” Chairman: Herman Bloemsma “present” 

Chairman: Bill Frye “present.” Superintendent: Ken Burshem “present”

District Manager: Ami Arneson “present” 

Others in attendance: Members of the community were present and on zoom. 


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


On Saturday August 5th, 2023 a main water line broke at the intake.  This caused water levels in the tanks to drop.  On Sunday, a miscommunication with an industrial user caused the water tanks to drain dangerously low.  This left some customers without water, and or low water pressure.  Monday, August 7th, 2023, Chairman Dan Fraser called an emergency board of directors meeting.  

Ken Burshem reported, to avoid the leak from happening again, he can only run one pump at intake at a time.  He will be staggering pumps to allow water to fill the holding tanks.   New parts have been ordered.  

Numerous citizens voiced concerns, gave advice, and offered help to Harbor Water Board and staff.  Greatly appreciated!


Tom Beene made a motion to implement a Stage 3 emergency Water Shortage Alert.  Seconded by Jim White. Roll call – All in favor.  

Ami Arneson will compose a letter to the industrial customer.  Ken Burshem, Dan Fraser, and Herman Bloemsma will deliver it, Tue Aug 8th, 2023


Meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM

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