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JANUARY  12, 2023


            The regular meeting of the Harbor Water P.U.D. Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman Dan Fraser at 6:30, Jan 12, 2023, in the administrative building, at 98069 W. Benham Lane Harbor, Oregon

            Board Attendance was taken: Dan Fraser “present” Tom Beene “present” Jim White “present” Herman Bloemsma “present” Bill Frye “present”. Others in attendance were Ken Burshem, Ami Arneson, Courtney St. John, Michelle Bacorn and Matt Robart.

            Pledge of Allegiance was said.

            Minutes from the previous board meeting on Dec 8, 2022, were reviewed.  Bill Frye made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Tom Beene, Roll call – All in favor. 

            The month’s current bills, in the amount of $43,151.61 were presented, discussed, and approved. Tom Beene made a motion to accept and pay the bills seconded by Jim White, Roll call - All in favor. 

            Superintendent Ken Burshem reported the following. They fixed three leaks this month. Located several valves that have been buried under rocks. Found a two-inch line that went nowhere, it hadn’t been removed from prior maps.  A bid for the pumps was presented.  The timeline is 16-17 weeks.  Tom made a motion to accept the bid for the pumps, seconded by Herman – Roll Call - All in favor.  Ken brought a proposal for digital mapping.  The board would like us to do more research, looking into other companies first. 

            Dan talked about the board needs for a Treasurer and Secretary.  The Secretary responsibilities would be: organizing meetings, taking notes and sending out minutes to the board within a week, informing the board of their responsibilities.

Treasurer: Set up and over see accounts.  Reporting to the board financial amounts monthly.

            Matt Robart from Camas Engineering and Board member Herman Bloemsma have been having meetings and talking about Camas Engineering reviewing and rewriting Harbor Water Ordinances.  The bid came in at $48,000.00 this included an attorney review.   Herman made a motion to only have Matt rewrite the ordinances at the cost of $15,266.00. Tom seconded, Roll call – All in favor. Ami will reach out to SDAO for an attorney estimate to review the documents. 

District Manager Ami Arneson reported, the bills were sent out on Dec 27, and numerous people are calling saying they didn’t receive them.  Courtney has made ADA adjustments to the Harbor Water web page for compliance issues.  Bill asked Courtney questions about the web page.  The website is registered to Harbor Water and is managed by Courtney.

            Herman made a motion to increase the rates on system development charges for the following line size’s:

1 in = $8,349.00

2 in = $34,666.00

3 in = $108,331.50

Seconded by Tom, Roll call – All in favor.


Revenue Fund $531,983.39

Money Market $2,245,941.27

Security $97,398.14


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM

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