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July 13, 2023


The regular meeting of the Harbor Water P.U.D. Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman Dan Fraser at 6:33, July 13, 2023 in the administrative building, at 98069 W. Benham Lane Harbor, Oregon.

Board Attendance was taken

President: Dan Fraser “present” Vice President: Tom Beene “present” 

Chairman: Jim White “present” Chairman: Herman Bloemsma “present” 

Chairman: Bill Frye “present.” Superintendent: Ken Burshem “present”

District Manager: Ami Arneson “present” Office Staff:  Evie Lampley “present”


The Pledge of Allegiance was said.


No Modifications, Additions or changes to the agenda, or conflicts of interest stated.  Beene made a motion to accept the agenda, White seconded, Roll Call – All in favor.

Minutes from the previous board meeting on June 13, 2023 were reviewed.  Beene made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by White, Roll call – All in favor.  

July 2023 current bills, in the amount of $72,110.87 were presented, discussed, and approved. Beene made a motion to accept and pay the bills seconded by White, Roll call - All in favor.  

Superintendent Ken Burshem reported the roof at the intake is completed.  The bill came in $1,000. Under bid.  Stadelman Electric is working on the transducer. Ken will follow up with Stadelman to see if we can run three pumps at the intake.  Chlorinator is still having issues.  Del Nor out of Sugarland Texas gave Ken a bid of $9,600 to fly out for three days to diagnose the problem. Siskiyou pumps in on schedule.  

District Manager Ami Arneson reported, the Auditors asked about the board raising the Capitalization policy for infrastructure items only to $5,000.  This would save the company money in the long run.  Ami will bring back the proper verbiage for the change at the Aug 2023 meeting.  Also, we have a bid from Strahm's seal coating for $11,412.84 to reseal the parking lot.  Arneson left a message at Tri City out of Medford to submit another bid.  Chairman Fraser asked Arneson to give a copy to the Fire Dept, as they will be asked to pay for half of the seal coating bid.  

Fyre remarked he will investigate what exactly the Treasures position does and get back to us.  

Bloemsma handed out previous inspection reports on the tanks to the board.


Revenue Fund $458,225.32

Money Market $2,273,928.99

Security $97,794.74


Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM

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